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AdoraDeal offers some of the best refurbished Linux laptop computers available anywhere! Every refurbished laptop sold by us goes through our extensive testing process, which includes a multitude of electronic and manual tests to ensure that all components are working as advertised before the sale.

AdoraDeal develops its own software & customized Linux Debian Operational System, which we install on all laptop computers we sell. All AdoraDeal software included on the computers is open-source and licensed under the GNU GPL V3.0. Our customized Linux Debian OS is very full-featured and bound to please power-users, while being extremely easy and intuitive to use, even for the novice user (a helpful User Guide is included in all computers).

Our refurbished Linux laptops include a myriad of free, full-version programs, including: full office suite (LibreOffice), word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, database program, imaging (including layered & vector), over twenty games (including solitaire, chess, poker, backgammon, sudoku, mahjongg, hitori, etc.), anti-virus, firewall, photo manager, advanced calculator (with basic, advanced, financial & programming modes), email & calendar program, two different browsers, media player, code editor, accounting & finances program, video editor, backup program, messaging & VoIP program, etc. All programs included are free of cost or subscription!

To ensure your complete satisfaction, all laptop computers sold by AdoraDeal are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee (conditions apply, please check the item's listing for more information). AdoraDeal is an environmentally friendly company: reusing is the ultimate recycling! By acquiring used computers and rehabilitating them, AdoraDeal helps to avoid toxic refuse being put in landfills; we also properly dispose of computer parts that are broken or spent.

Our company currently sells refurbished Linux laptops in our two marketplace stores: the AdoraDeal eBay Store and the AdoraDeal Bonanza Store. Be sure to check out our stores for incredible bargains!

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