About Our Refurbished Linux Laptops

AdoraDeal is specialized in refurbished Linux laptop computers. Our laptops feature an exclusive version of Linux Debian, and are prepared using our meticulous AdoraDeal refurbishing process.

About Linux Debian

Debian is a very popular and successful Linux Operational System, which is used on countless web servers, universities, companies and organizations. Among many accomplishments, Debian was chosen by NASA in 2013 as the Operational System to be used on the International Space Station astronauts' laptops, and Debian was also chosen by Google in 2013 to power some of their cloud computing.

In addition, the Debian presence on the web server market is very strong. By some accounts, Debian and Debian based software (such as Ubuntu) powered over 20% of all web servers on the internet in 2015. Think about that, one out of every five websites that you visit (on average) is powered by Debian!

About the AdoraDeal Process

Every refurbished laptop that we sell goes through a meticulous process before it is offered for sale. We test hardware components of each computer with a multitude of physical and electronic tests; if a component is not working or does not pass our tests, it is substituted with an original or compatible replacement part.

AdoraDeal develops its own software and customized Debian Operational System, which we install on all computers we sell. Our customized Debian OS is very full-featured and bound to please power-users, while being extremely easy and intuitive to use, even for the novice user. All AdoraDeal computers include our exclusive electronic User Guide (over 65 pages long), which guides users through some of the most common computer tasks, and instructs them on how to look for their own solutions.

Screenshot of an AdoraDeal Refurbished Linux Laptop

AdoraDeal customizes the Debian Operational System featured on the computers we sell in the following ways:

  • We change some "visual" settings (e.g.: desktop background, colors, etc.).
  • We change some "functional" settings (e.g.: single-clicking instead of double-clicking, etc.).
  • We install additional software from the Debian repositories (e.g.: games, code editor, etc.).
  • We add our own programs and code to the Operational System.

All software created by AdoraDeal that is included in the computers we sell is open-source and released under the GNU General Public License Version 3, which means (among other things) that anyone can look into the software to see what is in the code (we like transparency!).

After the Operational System and programs are installed in the computer, a skilled technician will manually perform several additional tests to make sure the computer is working as advertised and free of unexpected problems and "annoyances". To ensure your complete satisfaction, all laptop computers sold by AdoraDeal are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Our refurbished Linux laptops include a myriad of free, full-version programs, including: full office suite (LibreOffice), word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program, database program, imaging (including layered & vector), over twenty games (including solitaire, chess, poker, backgammon, sudoku, mahjongg, hitori, etc.), anti-virus, firewall, photo manager, advanced calculator (with basic, advanced, financial & programming modes), email & calendar program, two different browsers, media player, code editor, accounting & finances program, video editor, backup program, messaging & VoIP program, etc. Just think about the savings of not having to buy similar software! All programs included are free of cost or subscription, forever!

AdoraDeal laptops are very secure! Our computers include anti-virus & firewall, require password to install any software, include a system update program, feature on-demand document & folder strong encryption and feature on-demand secure deletion of files & folders (with multiple overwrites, above DOD standards).

AdoraDeal is an environmentally friendly company: Reusing is the ultimate recycling! By acquiring used computers and rehabilitating them, AdoraDeal helps to avoid toxic refuse being put in landfills; we also properly dispose of computer parts that are broken or spent (e.g.: batteries).

AdoraDeal software, User Guide and refurbished Linux laptops are prepared, tested, stored and shipped from California, U.S.A. Currently, AdoraDeal only ships orders to addresses located in the United States (including P.O. Boxes, but excluding U.S. territories and APO/FPO/DPO).

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